Wave Block

  • Year


  • Role

    • Object
  • Client

    LG Electronics

  • Designer

    • Jiyoun Kim
    • Sewon Chung

Early 2020, Jiyoun Kim Studio and LG Electronics began a new smartphone design project. This project was focused on developing a new design language for LGE’s smartphone and exploring new possibilities in the market. Among many design concepts Jiyoun Kim and his team proposed, the Wave Block Concept was chosen to be the production model.

As higher spec cameras became the main competition point of the market, more cameras were being added to smartphone’s back side. Inevitably, this trend imposed many limitations on smartphone design. To overcome these limitations, Jiyoun Kim and his team devised a design which could embrace the camera bump as part of the shape and improve the overall grip. The design images shown here are Jiyoun Kim Studio’s final presentations to LGE. Actual production model was further developed by LGE’s internal design center.

Concept Drawing by Jiyoun Kim