Stand Up Brush

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  • Role

    • Object
  • Client


  • Designer

    • Jiyoun Kim
    • Dokyoung Lee

Jiyoun Kim Studio launched the Stand Up Brush project with Miniso in China. Miniso is a SPA brand that sells lifestyle products at reasonable prices and has a diverse product line from electronic products to simple household items. This project was carried out through the K100 Alliance, a program in which Miniso collaborates with Korean design studios.

Stand Up Brush is designed to maximize usability while cutting down the cost. When people were placing the comb, Jiyoun Kim Studio noticed that they had to lay it on a narrow makeup table or had to find a separate storage box. Stand Up Brush's flat bottom enables it to stand alone, and a user can attach a scraper at this bottom area for removing the leftover hairs in the comb. Three types of brushes, Normal Brush, Roll Brush, and Wet Brush, were designed to accommodate three different purposes. Stand Up Brush has been sold in Miniso since 2020.


Concept Drawing by Jiyoun Kim