Makeon Skin Light Therapy II

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  • Role

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  • Designer

    • Jiyoun Kim
    • Dokyoung Lee

'Skin Light Therapy II' is a follow-up model of 'Skin Light Therapy' from 'Make On' a Beauty Device Brand of Amorepacific. 'Make On Skin Light Therapy' in Korea. The previous model, 'Skin Light Therapy' has demonstrated a good reputation in the market as a beauty device that boosts skin elasticity and moisture through the LED. While collaborating with Amorepacific, Designer Jiyoun Kim and his team pursued the project for the follow-up model, with two clear goals in mind. One is to inherit the reliable performance and the sleek form from the existing model, and the other is to strengthen the consumer's perception of the brand.

Prior to the project, Jiyoun Kim Studio primarily focused on the story of Make On, the concept of harmony of function and emotion. Jiyoun Kim Studio placed the diagonal line design from the package onto the design of the product. Such applying not only reduced the burden on the wrist usage but also enhanced the current brand identity through the unified visuals of the product and the package.

To inherit the strategic elements of the brand and satiate the high usability, Jiyoun Kim Studio vigorously focused on finding the balance between the chic and comfortable. Through such balance, Jiyoun Kim Studio was able to present a more complete sequel model. This is the result of endless contemplation and prototyping to find the proper connection between the customers and the brand. Jiyoun Kim Studio hopes to generate not only the visual satisfaction but also emotional satisfaction when the product is held in hand.


Concept Drawing by Jiyoun Kim