Nomes Perfume

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    • Strategy, Object
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  • Designer

    • Jiyoun Kim

Jiyoun Kim Studio introduced a new series of perfumes with Nomes, a creator collaboration project based on Cheongdam, Seoul in 2019. Jiyoun Kim and his studio designed the brand identity of Nomes, the design of perfume bottle, and art direction in all areas including package.

Nomes Cheongdam's new perfume series is consist of two lineup highlighting masculinity, expressed by two values, Time and Cash. Representing the fundamental desires of men in modern society. Jiyoun Kim Studio wanted to add a sense of humor to the two different values while portraying them seriously. Based on a simple human figure, the cap-shaped cover produced in two different stories. A number of prototypes were created for a balanced model of bottle, which allowed the brand Nomes to create an image that matches the message they wanted to express.

Guerande Salt Line

Green Tea Line

Pine Needle Tea Line

Nomes Perfume BI

Nomes Perfume Package

To be a balanced model of bottle, Jiyoun Kim researched various prototypes.

Concept Drawing by Jiyoun Kim