Miya Marker

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  • Designer

    • Jiyoun Kim
    • Soyeon Na

Jiyoun Kim Studio collaborated with Miya, a Chinese art supplies manufacturing brand, to design a new premium marker.

Marker is a speciality product mainly consumed by professionals such as artists and designers. However, in China, a new trend has recently emerged where common people draw pictures in cafes or libraries and show off their efforts via social medias. In other words, an wider new market for markers is being created, and there are demands for it to be a fashion accessory that can express a lifestyle as much as being an artistic tool.

In this new market situation, Miya and Jiyoun Kim Studio set to create a new product that satisfies both the expert group who used existing markers and the new social media-oriented customer group. To achieve this goal, a metallic textured CMF, which had not been used in markers before, was applied to its wavy edged body.

Numerous prototypes were created to find the most comfortable contour to hold, and through this process, Jiyoun Kim Studio finally found a shape that was not only easy on the hand, but also optimized for manufacturing.

Designed with a vegan leather case, Miya Marker launched in China, 2022.

Concept Drawing by Jiyoun Kim