Three Poles Cat Hammock

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  • Designer

    • Jiyoun Kim
    • Soojung Youn

The Three Poles Cat Hammock project is a collaboration between Jiyoun Kim Studio and Milliong. The hammock features a simple structure composed of metal pipes, carpet, and felt, aligning with Milliong's brand philosophy of caring for the lives of both pet owners and their companions. The goal was to create a comfortable and enjoyable resting place for pet cats.

Available in three CMF options — Warm White, Matt Black, and Chromium — the hammock incorporates various colors of felt to seamlessly blend into the living spaces of pet owners. Throughout the project, Jiyoun Kim Studio collaborated with Milliong for over a year, conducting extensive research on the structure and materials.

The Three Poles Cat Hammock was released by Milliong in Korea in winter 2023.

With Three Poles Cat Tower ND

Warm White


Matt Black


Concept Drawing by Jiyoun Kim