Cornerstone Bidet

  • Year


  • Role

    • Object
  • Client

    American Standard

  • Designer

    • Jiyoun Kim
    • Dokyoung Lee
    • Jaehyuk Lim

Cornerstone Bidet is a flagship model to showcase the superiority of American Standard in both function and technology. As a centerpiece of collection, Bidet led the collection across bathroom and kitchen faucets and various accessories sharing the design language.

Cornerstone Bidet has square top profile which gradually changes to circular profile towards the bottom. This elegant flow of form is designed not only for aesthetics but to accommodate feet space upon sitting along with the slit detail on the cover front for best product experience. Paired remote control is also designed within the design language of the main bidet focused on the simple yet elegantly function revealing the controls on the top surface.

Cornerstone Bidet is launched under American Standard in 2022 along with Cornerstone Collection.


Concept Drawing by Jiyoun Kim