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  • Role

    • Object
  • Client

    LG Electronics

  • Designer

    • Jiyoun Kim
    • Soyeon Na
    • Jonggun Kim

Jiyoun Kim Studio have collaborated with LG Labs for Brid.zzz project. Brid.zzz is an earbud for sleep wellness. The earbud takes sleep measurements via EEG detection and uses scientific analysis of user sleep patterns and physical data to provide sound solutions boosting sleep quality and preventing health issues linked to bad sleep.

Approaching the project, Jiyoun Kim and his team created the ideal spatial mood around ‘Comfortable sleep’ of softy lit cozy bedroom. Design journey started from a charging cradle within the defined ideal space it lives in. Cradle is designed to work as a bed side lamp on a nightstand with LG Electronics’ knock-on technology on the cover for turning the lighting on and off. Pure white LED with warm hue is used as an indirect ligting ideal for sleep. Magnet fixed top cover softly reveals the earbuds inside. Weight was also optimised for use at home scenarios. Earbud needed to have an appropriate skin contact for effective sensing yet loose enough for best sleep. Novel S shaped ear tip form factor was introduced to overcome this contradictory challenge by exploring numerous forms through trial and error. The ear tip is a hybrid of open and closed types taking only the benefits from each for effective reading while not pressuring the in-ear contact points. Brid.zzz project was a year-long project between Jiyoun Kim Studio and LG Electronics with a total product design scope from product design, packaging, manual, along with other items and details.

Brid.zzz was unveiled at CES 2023 and was launched in the market the same year.

Package Design

Manual Graphic Design


Concept Drawing by Jiyoun Kim