Three Poles Cat Tower ND

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    • Object
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  • Designer

    • Jiyoun Kim
    • Jiae Jun

The Three Poles Cat Tower ND is a product redesigned for export based on the original version. For this project, Jiyoun Kim Studio focused on simplifying the structure and streamlining the assembly process.

All carpet materials are detachable and washable, and every part can be separated for efficient transportation. Building upon the iconic three metal poles of the original Three Poles Collection, a collaboration between Jiyoun Kim Studio and Milliong, the Three Poles Cat Tower ND was completed as a more efficient version.

Consideration was given to colors and finishing that seamlessly blend into living spaces more effectively than the previous generation. Consumers can choose from three colors: Warm White, Chromium, and Matt Black. Additionally, they have the option to change the carpet and the dedicated Cat Fist for various color combinations.