Zero Bakery Brand Reframing

  • Year


  • Role

    • Strategy
  • Client

    Zero Bakery

  • Designer

    • Jiyoun Kim
    • Sewon Chung
    • Dokyoung Lee

Jiyoun Kim Studio worked on a brand renewal project with Zero Bakery in 2019. Zero Bakery is a brand that produces healthy gluten- and sugar-free breads. Every member of the company holds thorough knowledge and philosophy about heathy foods and nutrition. The company is growing at a rapid pace grounded on their social responsibilities.

Prior to the project, Jiyoun Kim Studio rigorously pondered on the definition of a good bread from Zero Bakery. Good bread, from them, represents a bread retaining the true nature of good ingredients without any bad additives. To preserve this meaning, Jiyoun Kim and his team extracted the colors of raw materials such as almonds, eggs and cacao powder used in scones and castella, and applied them to the package design. In the package, “gluten- and sugar-free” statement was written right next to the name of the product in order for anyone to intuitively feel the value of the product and brand.