Takeout 4

  • Year


  • Role

    • Strategy, Object
  • Client

    Unix Electronics

  • Designer

    • Jiyoun Kim
    • Hannah Lee
    • Dokyoung Lee

Jiyoun Kim Studio released a new series of Take Out in collaboration with Unix, producer of hairdryers, curling irons, and more. Take Out series is a brand for affordable and portable hair products created by Unix, specifically targeting Generation Z. Jiyoun Kim Studio, with Unix, worked on a renewal project for Take Out brand's 4th generation product. This project was carried out as a Total Design project, including 1) the product design of five Hair Styling Irons, each focusing on unique functions depending on the shape, 2) the product package design, and 3) the brand communication strategy.

In the 4th generation, every product was in a wireless type, and the overall emphasis was on portability. Until the 3rd generation of Take Out series, the products emphasized the cuteness. However, for the renewal with the current generation, Jiyoun Kim and his team tried to deliver the new mood's communication message and color as directly and boldly as possible. In Hair Styling Iron, there is a round structure to fix the hair. This round deco part is located at the center of the structure, and it is where the product opens and rotates. This part has been used to provide unity between the lineups. Through the generation of countless prototypes, we simplified the shape of the product around the round deco as well as produced the firm and effective grip. Moreover, through the exclusive cover and the dazzling patterned strap, we enhanced the usability outside the house as well as the brand identity. Each of the five lineups is appointed with unique colors and messages curated explicitly for its own concept. They are also used vigorously throughout the packages, advertisement images, and more.


Concept Drawing by Jiyoun Kim