Pleasia Toothbrush

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  • Designer

    • Jiyoun Kim
    • Chanhong Park

Jiyoun Kim Studio worked on 'Pleasia' branding project, named 'Therapy line' collaborating with Amorepacific. 'Pleasia' is a main brand of Amorepacific, showing its eco-friendly value about Naturalism. This time, 'Therapy line' expands its line-up to toothbrush from toothpaste.

Jiyoun kim applied a new concept to 'Pleasia' with a keyword, 'a joy from nature' to explicitly express the meaning of naturalism. Naturalism can be diluted its symbolic meaning in a tedious way, but Jiyoun drew out a keyword 'joy from nature', which makes 'pleasia' recreated in a more unique concept about naturalism.

First of all, to express 'a joy from nature', jiyoun kim remove the discomfort from use of toothbrush. The team tested and made several prototypes to find out adequate weight, texture, and sculpture of toothbrush. Also, 'joy' embodies to a handle of toothbrush in cmf, injected with small glitters as if couples are celebrated with splashed glitters in a wedding ceremony. Lastly, the solidity and density of brush reflected consumer survey. Also, there are three different eco-friendly factors added to the brush such as Guerande Salt, Pine Needle Tea and Green Tea to emphasize the concept of products.

Guerande Salt Line

Green Tea Line

Pine Needle Tea Line

Concept Drawing by Jiyoun Kim