Makeon Magnetight Bodyroller

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    • Object
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  • Designer

    • Jiyoun Kim
    • Sewon Chung
    • Hannah Lee

Jiyoun Kim Studio launched Magnetight Body Roller in collaboration with Make On, Amorepacific's affiliated brand for beauty device. Magnetight is a Home Massager that utilizes four magnetic balls plated in 18k Gold to relieve muscle fatigue. Each of the four magnetic balls is in different radiuses to generate suited massage pressure for other body areas.

General massagers are satisfactory when used; however, they are not aesthetically configured as they focus only on the functionality. That is why they are always stored in an invisible place like a drawer once used. Jiyoun Kim and his team believe that Magnetight Body Roller should be placed visibly as a decorative object even when not used, without sacrificing the full functionality. To consider the wrist's natural angle and the proper force distribution during the usage, countless prototypes were configured and modified. A smooth line connects from the body and handle to the connected four balls, and the engraved organic patterns in the four balls generate elegant light reflection.


Concept Drawing by Jiyoun Kim