Innisfree Green Tea

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  • Designer

    • Jiyoun Kim
    • Dokyoung Lee
    • Hannah Lee
    • Jaehyuk Lim

Innisfree by Amorepacific is a brand with identity rooted in the natural greens of tea fields in Jeju island in Korea, is at the forefront in the impact sectors such as social responsibilities and sustainability. Jiyoun Kim Studio and Innisfree collaborated on re-establishment of brand visual language to meet the ever-shifting world in a refined and resonant presence.

Overarching theme for the new Innisfree brand concept is Modern Green. Modern Green captures the nature in distilled form with conveying refinement and reliability, where the former branding was approached with biomimicry. Curved contours on the containers were reshaped into a linear and controlled elements and the texts were updated with sans-serif fonts for further refinement. As a result, overall user experience of the products, cap interaction for instance, are improved. Moreover, elements with somewhat cold notion was balanced with smooth formality of the overall container are finely balanced so that the new brand doesn’t depart from the brand theme of nature.

The new branding continues the original concept of Green yet aims to further elevates and appeal the reliability of the products visually. Also in line with the current brand responsibility, the caps are made of recycled plastics and boxes are reduced down to minimum and made of recycled pulp.

Innisfree branding Jiyoun Kim Studio designed has received the Red Dot design award: communication design 2022.

Designer Hannah Lee, Jaehyuk Lim, Dokyoung Lee


Concept Drawing by Jiyoun Kim