Head Collage LE

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    Personal Work

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    • Jiyoun Kim

Head Collage: Ception 2016 Limited Edition shows more detailed understanding of human being with added ideas, such as head pieces made of bronze and aluminum that can be stacked freely and hand drawn body patterns. Whereas basic Ceptions represents a well crafted human being in its simplest way, these Limited Editions shows how we accept ideas and voices of others and shape, change our inner form. This visualization of internalization process makes us think once more about how the concept of ‘I’ is built.

All 'Head Collage: Cepion' collection can be purchased on the online gallery of The Artling.


Collage: PerCeption - Limited Edition No.1 / No.2 / No.3 / No.4

Ception’s first Limited Edition, PerCeption shows how we react to new information, new ideas. The moment we receive other’s ideas, symbolized as gold circles, it creates disturbance. Some are nothing serious, but some create great conflict within ourselves. PerCeption series visualizes those different ways of perception, the first step of shaping our freewill.

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Head Collage: AcCeption - Limited Edition No.5

Ception’s second Limited Edition is named AcCeption. It describes changes that take place after perception stage. Once perceived, ideas of others, drawn in gold, mix and mingle with those of our own. Those swimming, overlapping colors make us think of how much of ourselves is truly ours, what is our original idea, and what are we made of.

Head Collage: ConCeption - Limited Edition No.6

Ception’s third Limited Edition is named ConCeption. As it explains itself quite clearly, this edition shows settled ideas. All the chaos and confusion of previous editions are at peace. A new order, a new system is born. Once which was a disrupting idea became part of ourselves. Until we perceive something new, accept and internalize, we are what we are. Colors, patterns may change, but shape of our heart remains the same, giving us an illusion of freewill, personality, and ego.


Concept Drawing by Jiyoun Kim