Chahong Volume Curler

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  • Role

    • Strategy, Object
  • Client


  • Designer

    • Jiyoun Kim
    • Dokyoung Lee
    • Jaehyuk Lim

Jiyoun Kim Studio presents the Volume Curler in collaboration with Chahong. Chahong is South Korea's leading beauty shop brand operating on a wide range of businesses from a hairstylist academy to hair-related cosmetics. To develop Chahong's first-ever hairstyling device, Jiyoun Kim Studio oversees every step in the design process, including the actual product design, market strategy, mass production-related design follow-ups, and even package and manual design to directing a product photoshoot.

The market presents several competitors who have been producing and aggregating know-how in manufacturing hairstyling products for a long time. For Chahong to have a competitive advantage as a start-up newly entering into the industry, Jiyoun Kim Studio has to inevitably devise a unique framing. The message frames that it is not a technical product made from the manufacturer's perspective but a practical product from the hairstylists' perspective. That the essence of a hairstyling product is not the product but the beautification of users. Through the complete product and its applications based on the unique strategic message, Jiyoun Kim and the studio's designers aim to express the only brand story for Chahong, the best beauty shop brand in South Korea.

What represents the most essential property of the beauty shop brand Chahong is genuine care and purity. For this, Jiyoun Kim Studio minimized visual elements to focus on the user's beauty, revealing the core attributes like purity. The barrel in Chahong Volume Curler is made of exquisite titanium plating to deliver heat effectively and a metallic feeling purely. Buttons and handles removed the assembly putting line and screws to maximize the smoothness and express the material's simplest and purest physical form when touched by hand. The attachments are made of a magnetic hook structure, enhancing emotional satisfaction during the detachment process. Moreover, a quilted pouch and a wire tag made of Alcantara material provide a convenient storage method. In packaging, non-recyclable materials such as vinyl or EVA form were thoroughly excluded, and the post-processing was minimized, revealing Chahong's support for environment-friendly approaches.

For every detail's complete optimization, from the button position and size to the rotating body's RPM, many of Chahong's hairstyling experts conducted user testing. Further, various types of prototypes were produced to implement the optimal grip. Chahong Volume Curler has been on sale since March 2021, targeting the global market all over the world.

Chahong Volume Curler Manual


Concept Drawing by Jiyoun Kim