Ayunche Brand Refreshment

  • Year


  • Role

    • Strategy, Object
  • Client

    Amos Professional

  • Designer

    • Jiyoun Kim
    • Hannah Lee
    • Dokyoung Lee

Jiyoun Kim Studio presents the Brand refreshment project with Ayunche. Ayunche is a high-end brand that targets luxury hair salons by Amos Professional, a hair products company and a subsidiary of Amorepacific. In this project, Jiyoun Kim Studio covered every design aspect surrounding the Ayunche brand, including BI, Brand Guideline, Symbol, Pattern, Color Strategy, 40+ variations of products and packages, and various applications.

Taking place years after the initial launch of Ayunche, the project had several challenges. With the emergence of numerous competitors targeting luxury hair salons and the transformation of hair salons led by a new generation, Ayunche’s strength in distribution infrastructure had been fading. Given such circumstances, Ayunche’s core identity of deriving natural ingredients and oriental perspective had to reform into a new and refined message and mood to regain its leading position.

In the course of the Ayunche Brand refreshment project, Jiyoun Kim Studio began from the analysis of the existing brand heritage and then separated the messages into being inherited and being refined. While preserving nature, the most important keyword for Ayunche, Jiyoun Kim Studio aimed to transform the attitude toward nature. Suppose the existing Ayunche depicts the mystery of the East that breathes in nature. The renewed Ayunche has to express a more sophisticated, urban-centric, and trustworthy professional imagery, yet still natural. It does not form oblivious worship of nature, but a contemplative perspective, as if you are walking through a park in the city center. While it consumes nature, it comprehends the meaning of consumption, fulfills its social responsibilities, and it does respect nature but never worships. Avoiding extravagance and cacophony, yet inspiring the surroundings creatively when expressed. Jiyoun Kim Studio, together with Ayunche, defined the core keyword as Eco-Chic and revealed it as a penetrating attitude through the entire brand.

To express Eco-Chic, Jiyoun Kim Studio focused on the material, not color. Unlike most brands' typical concept of the main color, Ayunche’s main material demonstrates a slightly different approach and unique attitude. Eco Gray, the main material representing Ayunche, symbolizes the unique texture of the recycled paper. It is expressed using all types of recycled papers and focuses on natural textures rather than processed colors when touched by hand. Eco Gray is applied to the Pro line for professionals, which accounts for most Ayunche product lineups. The Pro line uses a low saturated and semi-transparent container as a standard yet makes a natural difference by slightly revealing the solutions in the container. Take Home lineup uses low saturated colors derived from nature to seamlessly blend with Eco Gray. Like the Pro line, it naturally reveals the characteristics of the materials each container has. In the product, the lid's widening-tip shape plays a role in creating a natural change within the simple and restrained outline. This element not only expresses the brand visually but also ameliorates the actual functionalities such as the usability of opening and closing the cap, usability of the pump, and stability when placed on the floor.

The new Ayunche products, the collaboration between Jiyoun Kim Studio and Amos Professional, have been on sale since their launch in May 2021.

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Concept Drawing by Jiyoun Kim