"Usetool Toothbrush"
 Brand, Planning, Product, Communication Design
 Usetool Company, 2018
 Designed by Jiyoun Kim, Junyoung Jang

Jiyoun Kim Studio launched a new lifestyle brand 'Usetool Company', in collaboration with Ventures Lab. As a creative director of the Usetool Company, Jiyoun Kim conducted consulting on designs, web, and marketing directions including brand, products and packages. The brand Usetool Company, which has reinterpreted the usual use of tools in daily life, has a concept that aims for the true meaning of a 'Use-Tool'.

Usetool Toothbrush is the Usetool Company's first line-up, consisting of a toothbrush, toothbrush sterilizer, toothbrush holder and sonic wave. In the Usetool Toothbrush project, Jiyoun Kim focused on the entire process involving toothbrushing. Usetool Company manages the reminder for the toothbrush replacement cycles that can be missed because people are too busy. It also offers instructions for the right usage and storage, and it even explains the proper toothbrushing process.

Usetool Toothbrush won the 2018 iF award, sales for start at the end of 2018 in South Korea, North America, EU and Japan.


Usetool Toothbrush Sterilizer White Gray

Usetool Toothbrush Sterilizer Blue Gray

Usetool Toothbrush Sterilizer Orange

A magnet is inserted in the back of the toothbrush. Using the magnet of a dedicated Usetool Toothbrush, it is compatible with a variety of products including sterilizer.

Usetool Toothbrush with Magnetic Holder

Ustool Toothbrush Sterilizer can be conveniently charged using a dedicated wireless charging dock.


Concept drawing by Jiyoun Kim