Universal Traffic Light
 Personal Project, 2009
 Designed by Jiyoun Kim, Hwanju Jeon, Soonyoun Yang

Traffic light is directly linked with human lives, If someone misunderstood it's meaning, an accident could occur in a sudden and damages to all the people involved. The shape of every single traffic light's in the world are same as circle. So we suggest a different way of recognition of shape, not the color. Poeple tend to react faster and faster as the difference gets more intuitive. The city that we live in today is extremely complex. Traffic light control the movement of cars and people at intersections. Those are considered a regulation system that protects people's lives and properties. Even now, people are crossing streets and driving their cars depending on traffic lights. The method of expressing the difference among the signals is by color-red, green, and yellow.

However, is it enough? Signal sends more intuitive sign than the existing traffic lights by using shapes in addition to colors. There are many drivers on the road. Uni-Signal gives a comfortable driving for color blindness. Free from the existing circle shape, it shows 3 kinds of shape for different signal.(Triangle, Rectangular and Circle) Red with Triangle sign means 'Stop',Green with Circle sign means 'Go' and Yellow with Rectangular means 'Stay'. Including color blindness, normal drivers also easily understand it's meaning directly. Primarily, by it's color, Secondly, by it's shape, Color blindness recognize the signal as it's shape. Additionally, for children, meaning can be understood directly and easily.