Public Water Filtering System
 Coway, 2007
 Designed by Jiyoun Kim

Skywater is a water purifier which is set up in public space. It provides clean drinking water to citizens who look for water by purifying rainwater considered dirty. People will feel something with tasting the role of rain which quenches their thirst. Skywater plays the symbolic role of opening people’s eyes to the role of rain and nature which is going out of mind in human’s selfish recognition and the role of advertisement informing potential consumers of purifying function of Woongjin Coway in public space. In a rainy day, Skywater sucks in rainwater through a vacuum inlet of the ring of the body. Sucked rainwater is moved to the underground storage tank of the body and stored to be provided to thirsty people in public space. Rainwater in the storage tank returns to the ring of the body and it is changed to drinking water through several filters in the ring. Drinking water purified through filters is provided to users through flexibly made hose.

Skywater project was accomplished in 2007 product design contest sponsored by Woongjin. Mock-up progressed by selecting seven works finally and was developed through a lot of meetings and an idea tuning with practical designers working in Woongjin.


Concept drawing by Jiyoun Kim