IPL Hair Remover
 Bluewell, 2014
 Designed by Jiyoun Kim

The insight we considered the most important in designing the Pione product was providing an image value and better usability to consumers different from existing laser depilators that look like a medical equipment. It had to be easy and simple to use like tweezers and we focused on imbuing some value not only when it is used, but also stored. We built the handpiece in the Pione and designed the back lid with a mirror. This enabled hiding the entangled wires connecting the handpiece and protecting the display and buttons. It was also designed for safe keeping and moving after use. The product satisfies both the aesthetics and storing need. In addition, we removed complicated features to provide the minimum information users need to know for a more intuitive use of the product. Among the product’s features, the auto mode is a solution that has improved the inconvenience of users having to repeatedly press the button. More than these software improvements, it was designed for the most simple and basic form in order to get rid of the complex and difficult image of medical machines.

The cylinder of a metallic matt material and the lid of a spin brushed metallic material, in contrast to the body material, harmo- niously coexist to complete a Simplexity Concept in particular, to drop the lid weight through mechanical engineering, we actually used 3D film on the back strong against scratches and not spin brushed metal, for better usability, reduced production cost, and enhanced completeness of the product.


Concept drawing by Jiyoun Kim