Smart MP3 Player
 Neofidelity, 2012
 Designed by Jiyoun Kim

First of all, its concept was to make the simplest mp3 player, eliminating every function that people usually don't use. In order to listen music, the mp3 users have to turn on their computer, run a music player program and connect the device to a dock. However, "genie" makes it easy to listen music, classifying favorite music lists with various set-ups. For instance, if the user is depressed, he or she would select "depress mode" and the "genie" would play a music list that is created by a specific algorithm. Also, the device automatically connects with a main computer and downloads updated music by itself via Bluetooth. According to these easy concepts, the product design is like a simple sculpture so that the buttons and speaker hole that give a mechanical feel are eliminated. Since the inside speaker is significantly affected by physical space and hole, it somewhat appears outside of the device.

Concept drawing by Jiyoun Kim