Head Collage: Ception
Porcelain Collection

Personal / 2016 / Sculpture Design
Designed by Jiyoun Kim

Head Collage: Ception by Jiyoun Kim is an artwork made of ceramics and metal. The name comes from suffix –Ception, which consist words like conception, perception, inception, reception, acception, all of which representing various ways of human reactions to ideas and influences of others. The name reflects its structure. The Ception is made of three parts, round, friendly ceramic body and changeable head and hand parts. Various combinations give Ception new figure, just like ever changing human mind. Human mind is constantly under influence of outer stimuli. There are no same human being, but there are always someone doing same role, same part in their social system, because those outer stimuli enforce individuals and shape them into a gear of a larger machine. By your point of view, head pieces shown here could represent anything. And we can dress up or shape, decorate those freely. But whatever we may do, the frame of this figure would never change. This confined freedom throws a question to us: is there such thing as true freewill?

From 2014 Jiyoun Kim started designing Ception in his small workshop. Over the course of 18 months, Ception’s shape and material was carefully crafted. It was made by casting at Woong Ceramic, located in Iichun, Korea.

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- Head Collage: Ception B-Edition / Gloss Blue

- Head Collage: Ception K-Edition / Matt Black

- Head Collage: Ception P-Edition / Gloss Peach

- Head Collage: Ception G-Edition / Gloss Grey

- Head Collage: Ception W-Edition / Matt White

- Process Sketch in Icheon, Korea

- Design Sketch by Jiyoun Kim